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Chad Gable

Chad Gable
Originaire de:
Minneapolis, Minn.
Grand Amplitude
Temps forts:
NXT Tag Team Champion
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Chad Gable exudes the competitiveness, intensity and confidence of an Olympic athlete for good reason: He was one.

Hailing from Minnesota, a state rich in wrestling history, Gable has been a master of the mat since his youth. A former state champion in high school, he reached the pinnacle of amateur grappling in 2012, claiming victory in the U.S. Olympic Trials and earning the right to compete at the London Olympics that summer. Once the Summer Games passed, Gable turned his focus to sports-entertainment, signing on to train at the WWE Performance Center.

It wasn’t long before Gable’s prodigious skill inside the ring propelled him to Superstardom in NXT, where the savant of suplexes has found his greatest success teaming with fellow amateur standout Jason Jordan. Known as American Alpha, the duo has ignited NXT’s Tag Team division and won over the NXT Universe with their thrilling matches. Between Gable’s technical prowess and silky-smooth attack, and Jordan’s explosive power and athleticism, American Alpha are destined to become one of the most formidable combinations of all time.

There is no doubt that Chad Gable stands ready, willing and “Gable” to make his impact felt.