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1,89 m
98 kg
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San Juan, Porto Rico
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If you’re wondering why the wait is so long at the chiropractor’s office, blame Epico. There’s a good chance his recent opponents needed their spines adjusted after getting laid out with a Backstabber. Epico’s finisher, a double knee backbreaker, has become one of the more devastating maneuvers and a true difference-maker as he makes a name for himself in WWE.

Primo is lucky to partner with such a heartless cousin. The two Superstar relatives, hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, have quickly made an impact in the tag team division. And they have reason to be so cocky in the ring, too. Following in the footsteps of legendary performer Carlos Colon — Epico's uncle and Primo’s father — the exciting duo racked up multiple wins over both Air Boom and The Usos on their way to winning the WWE Tag Team Titles in January 2012.

With hip-shaking Diva Rosa Mendes dutifully distracting their opponents, the cousins are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top. And to any duos looking to take them on, remember this advice — watch your backs ... literally.