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2,01 m
110 kg
Originaire de:
Hollywood, Californie
Curtain Call, Golden Globes
Temps forts:
Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Team Champion


Beneath the platinum blond wig, sleek latex and gobs of gold face paint is the son of WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes. Good luck trying to understand him, though. Goldust is a twisted enigma wrapped in a package of many surprises. Or, as some of his past rivals probably would describe him, "a sick freak."

The WWE Universe has been taken on a long, fascinating trip since "The Bizarre One" first strutted his bedazzled stuff in 1995. With an envelope-pushing style that epitomized The Attitude Era, Goldust instantly became a Superstar to watch and an oddity to fear. When the cameras were rolling on him, you got the sense anything could happen.

After winning his debut match against Marty Jannetty at In Your House in ’95, he soon turned his attention to a polar opposite, a greased slice of oozing machismo known as Razor Ramon. Seemingly at will, as would be the norm with "The Prince of Perversion," he prodded and manipulated Razor's mind like a chunk of Silly Putty. Capitalizing on his unusual tactics, Goldust defeated "The Bad Guy" at the 1996 Royal Rumble to win the Intercontinental Championship. It wasn't just his first WWE title, but also the first for his brand new "director," the cigar-smoking seductress Marlena.

Other memorable rivalries would follow over the years, as Goldust targeted Marc Mero, Brian Pillman and Vader, while dumping Marlena briefly for an even stranger companion, Luna Vachon. Following some time spent in WCW, The Bizarre One didn't miss a beat in his 2002 return to WWE, finding great success in the hardcore division – a suitable home for a Superstar who does everything in excess.

As Goldust embraced the extreme, he found an unlikely ally in Booker T. The tandem went on to delight the WWE Universe with numerous comedic vignettes and later captured the World Tag Team Championship before being forced to split up. Still, we're positive he's got Book locked in his Fave 5.

While Goldust's star has faded over recent years, he continues to make his presence felt on WWE's biggest shows, whether it be fighting Ted DiBiase at WWE Bragging Rights 2010 or confronting his brother Cody Rhodes on the final SmackDown of 2011. And he continues to welcome offbeat pairings with the likes of Hornswoggle, Yoshi Tatsu and Aksana.

In a career that's included 11 total WWE championships, Goldust has exhibited why he shouldn't be dismissed as a simple carnival act. He's made sure that no one will ever forget his name.