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1,89 m
99 kg
Originaire de:
Charlotte, Caroline du Nord
Lie Detector
Temps forts:

Champion des Etats-Unis; Champion de la WWE par Equipe

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R-Truth might just be the kookiest person outside of a padded cell.

After making his debut in WWE as spirited renegade known for his ringside rapping, Truth excited WWE fans young and old with his explosive offense and energetic entrance. But it wasn’t long before a darker side of the Superstar began to take hold. The truth, as he claims, set him free, but from the perspective of the rest of the WWE Universe, R-Truth slowly tilted toward madness in 2011.

Truth turned on the people — the “Jimmys,” as he describes them — claiming there were conspiracies at work in WWE that held him back and kept him from reaching his true potential. His paranoia soon turned vicious, leading him to cripple John Morrison and ignite a war with Rey Mysterio before going completely bonkers, donning a Confederate soldier’s uniform and ransacking arena merch stands in pursuit of John Cena merchandise.

Truth found company with The Miz, a similarly jilted Superstar, and the two waged war on WWE as Awesome Truth, a tag team out to uncover the supposed unjust underbelly of WWE. They made waves as a duo, even taking on the team of The Rock & John Cena at Survivor Series. A loss in that match, however, prompted an ugly falling out between the conspiracy theorists.

Now, the WWE Universe finds itself entertained by R-Truth’s zany conversations with his invisible friend, “Little Jimmy,” and simply unpredictable behavior. And he found a perfect partner in Kofi Kingston as the duo captured the WWE Tag Team Championships in April 2012. After that key victory, the fun-loving pairing of Kingston & Truth drew comparisons to classic teams like The Rockers and The British Bulldogs, as they held WWE’s twin titles for nearly five months before losing to Kane & Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions. In early October 2012, Truth and Kofi mutually decided to part ways as a tag team.

After returning to singles competition, The Rapping Superstar officially became United States Champion Antonio Cesaro’s No. 1 contender in early November, but failed to wrest the Star-Spangled championship from The Swiss Superman despite strong showings at Survivor Series and again at WWE TLC 2012.

Whether he's proudly competing or entertaining the WWE Universe, R-Truth remains one of WWE’s funniest, wackiest and most charismatic Superstars. Now that’s “What’s up!”